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Hunting a killer in the far north is no laughing matter.

When Jackie Wheeler and her estranged father Bo are summoned to remote Alaska, they must find the source of a strange laughing sickness before it destroys the local pack.

Is ancient Inuit magick at work, or is something far more sinister hunting the hunters?

It’s the end of the world and Josiah’s knocking on Heaven’s door. 

Heaven has fallen and Hell has risen. The only way to fix it is to track down the guy responsible: God. 

Yet the closer Josiah gets to finding Him, the closer he gets to dying. Can he find God and make him fix a broken world before death comes for him? 

Deck the halls with Eldrich monsters. 

Nothing says Christmas in New Orleans more than tentacle monsters and holes in reality. 

Luckily, Lazarus is back to save the world one last time. His mission? Fix the holes in reality, defeat the strange Christmas-themed monsters causing them,  and show up to his wedding on time.  Or his funeral. Whichever comes first. 

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Some secrets should stay buried…

The second installment of The Silver Bullet Chronicles is coming Friday, March 13th! Watch this space for pre-order information! 

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