Judah Black

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Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the monsters. Good thing that Agent Judah Black doesn’t know when to quit.

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When vampires, werewolves, and fae came out to the world ten years ago, personal tragedy drove her to join BSI—the Bureau of Supernatural Investigations.

But something sets Judah apart from every other BSI agent. Her teenage son is an unregistered werewolf, and she’ll do anything to protect him. In an age when supernaturals are forced to live on reservations and treated as second-class citizens, that’s dangerous.

Of course, that’s exactly where her new assignment, is: The Paint Rock Supernatural Reservation, and her first case is already making her unpopular with the locals. The whole town is ready to sweep the murder of a young werewolf under the rug as if it never happened.

To solve the case, Judah will have to win the trust of the people around her, and face down an ancient enemy straight out of Native American legends.

In Blood Debt, Judah must navigate an decades old blood feud between vampire clans. A gristly double homicide could spark an all-out war with Paint Rock as ground zero. That is, if the victims would stay dead.

Chasing Ghosts follows Judah in her race against time to solve a supernatural virus threatening the life of a child. As tensions in the reservation rise to an all-time high, and her newfound family falling apart at the seams, can Judah find the cure in time?

The emergence of a dangerous cult near Paint Rock is connected to an act of arson in Playing with Fire. Sifting through the ashes places Judah at the center of a government cover-up, one that will challenge everything she thought she knew about BSI. But knowing too much is dangerous business. Solving this case could cost Judah her life.

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