Where did Lazarus Go?

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A few months ago, I signed a publishing deal with LMBPN publishing. As part of that deal, the books in The Lazarus Codex got a facelift on the inside. They’re getting new edits and re-released in omnibus form. That basically means LMBPN is publishing new editions. As such, that means the old ones have to come down from Amazon.

Several books are temporarily unavailable for purchase in individual format, but everything should be available on Amazon as part of one of the two omnibus editions.

Death Rites, Organ Grind, Shallow Grave, Knight Shift, and Death Match are available in ebook format as part of Death and Deception HERE.

Death’s Door, Night Terror, Dark Reve, Dark Horse, and Casting Shadows are available in ebook format as part of Death and Darkness HERE.

Don’t want to read them in omnibus form? A number of folks have expressed they’d rather just read the individual books, a sentiment I have passed on to the publisher. Starting soon, they will be breaking the books back up for sale in individual format. They won’t be getting new covers, but they have been re-edited and re-formatted, so they will be new editions. I don’t have a solid date for when this is happening, but I expect it will happen quickly. LMBPN has been really great about listening to feedback.

As always, if you find any typos in any of the books, or have any further feedback directly for the publisher, you can email them at: readershelp@kurtherianbooks.com.

Or you can get in contact with me at eacopen@eacopen.com.

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